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The XTORSION™ arrow was forged out of Victory Archery’s pursuit to create an arrow with unparalleled impact force – Something tough enough to hunt even the most dangerous game and durable enough to stay straight shot after shot.

By encapsulating layers of 304 stainless steel within high modulus carbon fiber, our design engineers created a revolutionary arrow. Instead of using other alloys like aluminum, (which is more malleable and susceptible to bending) our materials science experts chose 304 stainless steel for its high yield strength, durability, and high modulus of elasticity (how hard it is to bend). The exterior of the arrow boasts a 90 degree woven carbon fiber to increase compressive strength and reduce torsional deflection. The result is a whisper quiet, small diameter arrow with Extreme Kinetic Energy and unbelievable penetration.

Product Details

  • Maxxke Technology
    • Advanced 3K Carbon Weave for less torque, faster recovery of arrow flight and uniform spine consistency
  • .204 Series
    • Small Diameter Arrow - High Modulus 100% Carbon Fiber Construction, .204 Diameter for maximum speed & Penetration with less wind deflection
  • Spine Aligned
    • Spine Aligned- Every Arrow Digitally Spine Aligned For Increased Accuracy and Shot to Shot Consistency
  • Ice Nano Ceramic Coating
    • Ice Nano Ceramic Coating - Advanced Nano Ceramic Arrow Coating Improves Penetration and allows for easy Removal from targets
  • Bohning Technology
    • 100% Custom Hand Fletched for Optimum Vane Adhesion and Alignment
  • Shok OutSert Technology
    • Shok Outsert Technology - 7075 Hard Anodized Aluminum or 303 Stainless Steel Outserts with Standard 8/32 Thread Count and 5/16 Diameter for Maximum Penetration

Spines available: 400 (11.6gpi) 350 (12.7gpi) 300 (12.9gpi) please specify on checkout per doz of shafts.

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