Garmin Xero A1i Crossbow Sight

Garmin Xero A1i Crossbow Sight


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Available mid February 2021. Pre-order available.

The Garmin® X1i XEROTM Rangefinding Scope is the first of its kind with built-in rangefinder, 3.5X magnification, and digital auto-ranging. Gone are the days of hoping and praying your target is in range…the X1i XERO features an illuminated aim point that automatically adjusts for both distance and lighting conditions. With just the push of a button, you can range game out to 250 yards or any reflective target up to 500 yards. Plus, it features Garmin’s LaserLocateTM technology that allows you to use your compatible Garmin device to quickly find arrows or downed game.

  • Simultaneous multi-color display for easy viewing

  • 3.5x magnification brings the action in close

  • Ranges game up to 250 yards, 500 yards for reflective target

  • Angle compensated design

  • Automatically generates single aim point out to 175 yard

  • Create custom arrows profiles for different setups

  • Steady Aim and Aim Point Level let you know motion or canting may impact your shot’s point of impact

  • Compass and angle update in real time while ranging (will “lock” after ranging is done)

  • Activate ranging with minimal movement by using a wired trigger or device range button

  • Target Lock technology tells you when the rangefinder is locked on a target with consistent readings

  • Quick setup with auto calibration

  • Dual rangefinder triggers

  • Ambient light sensor controlled brightness

  • Laser Locate technology works with compatible Garmin devices to show where target was when shot

  • 16 hour auto shut off

  • 6.6 hour battery life when unit is on with display up (1,200 ranges with 20 second display)

  • Runs on (2) AAA lithium batteries (included)

  • Includes wired rangefinder trigger, lens cover, wrench, (2) AAA lithium batteries, and micro USB cable


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