Prohibited Weapons

Prohibited Weapons

OzHuntingandBows is a licensed prohibited weapons dealer for Victoria and direct importer of prohibited weapons. Prohibited weapons we sell are crossbows, sling shots, swords, shuriken, throwing blades and laser sights (military-law enforcement standard). We will safe-ship all our products if the necessary documents are provided. All products carry the manufacturers warranty. OzHuntingandBows won’t be held liable for misuse, careless use, unauthorized use and modifications made to the weapon that will also void warranty. Please always use your weapon safely and follow manufacturers instructions. Please find current regulations for prohibited/dangerous weapons below or research your states/territories weapons legislations. If your state/territorry isn’t shown, please contact us for more info. The regulations are periodically updated and can be out of date for a short period of time. Please double check with your state/territories licensing service for current legislations.


A permit to acquire a prohibited weapon must be present including a certified copy of a current photo ID or the original. This is the link to the Victoria Police websites application form. Slingshots, crossbows, double edged knives, laser pointer etc. are considered a prohibited weapon. Financial members of Archery Australia, ABA, Deerstalker Association or crossbow clubs are exempt from licensing. However, you must apply in writing/email Victoria Police licensing services and ask for exemption. Please keep a copy of VIC Polices reply, along with your current membership card and photo id. If you are a member of any of the above associations, you must be 18 years of age and already a member for 6 month, before you can purchase a crossbow. To view a list of prohibited weapons please follow this link:

Western Australia

From September 9th 2011, crossbows are considered a prohibited weapon in Western Australia. A current prohibited weapons permit issued by WA Police/Licensing Services is necessary or alternatively a Governours Exemption must be in possession. Slingshots are illegal in WA and can’t be sold.

New South Wales/ACT

A permit to acquire a prohibited weapon must be presented to us including a certified copy of a current photo ID, weapons permit and signature. The xbow must be sent to a licensed xbow dealer in NSW that will hand over the xbow and acts as a broker. Slingshots are prohibited weapons in NSW and a permit is essential.


A permit to acquire a dangerous article must be submitted including a certified copy of a current photo ID and signature. The weapon must be transferred to a QLD licensed (M license) dealer who will hand over the weapon to you. You will need to provide us with the dealers license number and contact details. From 2009 a permit to acquire a Laser Pointer/Sight will be necessary. Slingshots are currently (period) available for sale without the need of a permit. People must be over the age of 18.

South Australia

A genuine reason to acquire a prohibited article must be provided including a certified copy of a current photo ID and a current archery club/archery association membership with up to date residential address, or photo ID along with hunting permit issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. If you do not hold an archery association member ship or aren’t an archery club member, or not possess a hunting permit, you will have to contact SA Police Licensing Services for further info, on how to obtain a permit. There is currently no restriction in acquiring a laser sight. Slingshots are a dangerous article and an exemption (permit) must be presented.

Northern Territory

No permit is required to acquire a crossbow and laser sight. We will need a copy of your current drivers license and a current utility bill showing your current residential address. (Period) Slingshots are illegal in NT and not available for sale.

OzHuntingandbows is taking no responsibility and liability for products that are used incorrectly. It is the owners responsibility to check, maintain and operate their equipment safely. We recommend to refer to the products owners manual for the safe use of equipment, and recommend to use the safety equipment recommended by the manufacturer.