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>>>>> Bowtech's complete line of bows now in stock. My favourite bows this year are the Prodigy and Boss. Not only because of their shift technology, but by their whole shape. The bows weigh a lot more than the BT's usually do, which is pretty nice in my opinion. The draw on the Prodigy and Boss are the smoothest out there. The valley is just awesome. You can hold it for minutes. And the back wall is as solid as you would expect of a top of the range bow. The module adjustments look a bit confusing at first sight, but once you see and understand the whole system, adjusting the bow to the Soft, standard and hard draw is done in a jiffy. Another great bow is the Carbon Icon with its turn around module to adjust from the comfort setting to the speed setting. The Fuel is just the greatest adjustable bow available on the market, with a great draw, huge adjustments in weight and draw lengths. Great shooting performance, speed and compactness makes this a bow for many shooters. The Eva Shockey is a bow for the ladies that like speed and performance in a light all carbon bow. Finally the Fanatic has landed too. Ladies and Gentleman of the target archery world, they are a good looking piece of machinery and no need to check out the competition anymore. You've got everything you could think of in a bow. Long ata, huge brace height, high speed, slim grip, great adjustability, hard, med and soft draw stop features. It has it all.  Check out the new Bowtechs at our 2 locations and at our Bowtech dealers.

>>>>> PSE Traditional bows in stock now at OzHunting. Great to see a company with that many good traditional bows on offer. We have most bows in stock or in the warehouse. 

>>>>> Bowtech 2015 Bow line up to be released this Friday. This is going to be an exciting announcement, much anticipated by us this Friday. Is it going to be a new speed bow, target bow???? Can't sleep. 

>>>>> Closed for Melbourne Cup  We are closed Monday and Tuesday for the long weekend Melbourne Cup. Re-open on Wednesday.

>>>>> First ever Martin shipment arrived today (10/10/2014). We received a heap of Panthers take down recurve bows and Jaguar take down bows. They shoot really nice! A little shock only, but I love the grip on the Panther and the looks as well. Takes a bit to assemble, but well worth your while, as it shoots really nice. More models to arrive in the trad range soon. Check them out when you can. We have a few on display.

>>>>> No longer Barnett Distributor. Barnett, now part of Synergy Outdoors, big with Plano Molding, has decided to pass-over their distributor ship to their current Australian Distributor. We are "NO LONGER" a distributor for Barnett, only a dealer from now on. August '14.


>>>>>> New addition to our inventory!!!!! We would like to welome aboard Martin Archery! Martin is world famous for their hunting compound bows, target bows and of their traditional bows. Damon Howard bows will be available on special order. Most other take down bows, will be arriving shortly (late September '14 approx.)

Many requests for Martin bows have been made for a long time, and finally we are able to see the first bows arriving in a short while. So looking forward to it!


>>>>>> Bowtech is now fully integrated, and all models are available. Strykezone Solutions are due to arrive (beginning of September '14). 

Bowtech are the best guys to work with, and we pride ourselfs, to be part of the team that sells some of the fastest, best put-together bows in the world! If you haven't shot one yet, call in and have a feel! 


>>>>> Wholesale Premises are changing from OzHunting to Planet Archery

From 2014 most wholesale customers will get their equipment sent from Planet Archery. All walk in wholesale customers can purchase from our both locations.


>>>> Diamond Archery 2014

We have been dealing with Diamond for a long time and their bows are just a dream to shoot and very versatile. The newest addition is the Carbon Cure. The first single cam carbon bow avaiable. They should arrive mid April. Our best seller is still the Infinite Edge. Adjustable from 5# to 70# in the one bow and from 19"-30" in draw length. Brilliant!


>>>> Bowtech Archery 2014

We have been added to Bowtechs distributor list for Australia, now importing all Bowtech bows and products.  Our first shipment of Carbon Knights, Carbon Roses should arrive by mid to end April. Most other models should be in stock by mid May. Orders for Bowtech bows can be taken already for retail and wholesale customers.


>>>> Bear Archery 2014

The first shipment of 2014 Bear products has landed with heaps of Agendas in stock. The Agenda is definately a bow to check out if you are looking for a top of the range bow. We have a huge range of Traditional bow in stock as well.


>>>> Win&Win and SF Archery 2014

We are now importing Win&Win and SF Archery products direct. Win&Win is a great company to deal with and their products are as you know world class.

>>>Delta McKenzie Targets

We are now in possession of "Dead Fred", an awesome Zombie 3D Target. Plenty of stock on hand. Also arrived have the Canadian Lynx, Challenger Buck,, 2 Raccoons,  the Intruder Buck, crossbow shot blocker cubes and the bowhunter shotblocker cubes. More of other Delta Products to arrive throughout the year.



>>> Bear Archery 2013


Well, here we have it! Bear is officially in the target compound bow game. Have received the first Empires and Motives in red and green. Awesome finish and the bows are as smooth to shoot as they look. Congratulations Bear, well done.


>>> ATA Show Louisville USA 2013

My first visit to the ATA show in Louisville KY USA was a great experience and my eyes popped nearly out when I entered the Louisville Exhibition Centre. It was massive!

Day 1

Met with Jeniffer, our Barnett contact, met Mr Barnett, both great people and had a long chat with both. Awesome additons to their 2013 range. 1. Ghost 410, 2. Ghost 380, 3. Zombie, 4. RXT, 5. Black Ops xbow, 6. Black Rec xbow, 7. Vengeance. All crossbows are able to take a crank onboard. Now to the new additions to their bow range: 1. Vortex Pro/Hunter compound bow which is adjustable to 70#, 2. Vortex Bowfishing bow in a good looking fishbone finish.

Met Freddie of Kaya Archery and took a good look at the new K3 carbon riser. Looks good, has a nice hand grip (plastic) and weighs in much lighter than the big brother the K7 riser. A very good riser for most levels at an affordable price. Limbs to suit with an similar price tag, which are also fully made of carbon and fiberglass.

Strother is getting better and better each year I inspect and shoot their bows. Their new flagship the Rush XT is a smooth, but fast and powerful bow, that needs to be shot to be believed. It achieved its efficiency much faster than most of the competitors with their flagships. The new limb bracket design got many looks from a few bow manufacturers for its unique built. The Wrath XT is a bow for the hunters that like a short ata length bow with lots of speed. We also welcome Mrs. Laura Francese to the Strother Team.

A new product line called Pine Ridge Archery will hit our shelves soon. Leading the products will be Fingerguards for strings, colourfull cat whisker silencers, kisser buttons, glue (one that does it all!!!), and loop material.

The Cartel guys are a good bunch of people to talk to. It was also easy to remember all 5 staff  names! "Lee" , was all I had to remember, which I found brilliant! Makes life so much easier. Great new products featuring a professional competition recurve bow, new line of stabilizers and even an lightweight string making jig (for strings up to 70" only).

Hindsight will be another additon to our range this year with Victory Arrows and Spot-On laser broadheads. One model for hunting and the more interesting one for bow fishing. The bow fishing laser head breaks the angle of the water so precise aiming is archieved without the guess work.

Another awesome addition to our accessory range will be BowStix. For all the compound bow archers that cannot use a normal kick stand, because of the length of their stabililzer. Any length, no matter how short the stabilizer, with the BowStix you can rest the bow on the ground and collect your arrows at the target range.

Ktech stabilizers are another brand we will keep our eyes on. They produce a few very interesting stabilizers with a lot of weight adjustments within the stabilizer. Also in their product range are the KSB rear mount string stops which come in many colours.

Day 2.

Visited the Win&Win booth. Win&Win's president walked me through their new range of compound bows, which will be very interesting to watch becoming popular. All carbon construction and yes, camo is also available. Also new for 2013 is their hunting recurve. Full carbon construction again and available in 3 lengths. 58" 60" and 62". A very nice shooting bow. You will see more Win&Win products arriving throughout the year. 

Caught up with the lovely ladies of the Oneida Team. Was good to meet them all and an absolute pleasure. Oneida has added a few new colour options to their range, but no new products so far.

Bear Archery is a real winner this year and such a great brand. Met JR and Ross, the guys I've been dealing with since years and one nicer than the other. Bear has a great team of people. New to their 2013 range of bows are the dual cam bows like the Motive 6 and Motive 7 along with a few other new inventions. All top of the line bows are now also available in target colours. Trophy Ridge has a new stablizer and quiver which will as usual be a top seller.

Day 3.

What can I say. Had to shoot all bows and xbows there was. Exhausted after 3 hours and caught a few smiled of the ladies that passed by, seeing me half asleep on a park bench, still tortured by the jet-leg. Life had to go on, and I strolled at my last stop into the Bowtech booth. Casey welcomed me and we takled for a while about tuning and the new bows. New for 2013 is the Bowtech Experience. A very nice bow. I would have brought one over from the States but there was no left for sale on the last day. Also new, with great pride we will be offering the new Diamond Infinite Edge compound bow, which is adjustable from 5-70# and has a heap of draw length adjustments too. Also in their line up is the Core. An adult bow adjustable from 40-70#.

All up, it was a great trip and I now know, how things are run over there.


>>> Going on Vacation!!!

We are on holiday till mid January 2013. We will be attending the ATA show in Louisville Kentucky USA to see whats new and what we might bring back to put into our shelfs this year! We are all exited as you could imagine as this is going to be a big candy store with lots of goddies! Stay tuned for new product lines.


 >>> New Ragim Archery line of recurve bows

Ragim has introduced a few new take down and one piece recurve bows to replace some of their older style bows. We received the first Antelope Take Down curves in a few weeks ago and their tri colour laminates make them a pretty bow. Along with the Antelope, Ragim has also introduced the Mongolian, a stylish, traditional horseback bow along with the Bobcat, Black Panther, White Tiger and Mountain Lion. Also wood/fiber competition limbs are available on special order. The competition limbs called "XT100" have the international limb fitting and are available in most standard lengths and weights. Price is around the $110 for a set, which is one of the most affordable ILF limbs available nowadays. For all of you that haven't heard of Ragim before, the company is located in beautiful Italy and pumps out trad,- and intermediate bows like no-one else on this planet with great back-up service. The finish on all Traditional Style bows is very nice and Ragim is becoming a popular brand amongst all levels of Archers. 


>>> First 2013 Strother Bows arrived!

The Wrath SHO is Strothers new bow for 2013 along with the Rush XT. New limb pocket system looks the goods as well as the Realtree Black camo pattern. Go Strother!!!

 T TTTioo


>>> Gorilla Treestands and Primos Ground Blinds arrived

The first shipment of Primos ground blinds have arrived. 3 models to choose from. Gorilla treestands are due to arrive this week with one climber, one fixed treestand and all neccessary accessories included. All treestands come standard with a safety harness. Please follow instructions carefully and always use the supplied or upgraded safety harness.


>>> Complete recurve kits for camps and clubs

We are selling lots of recurves through the shop in complete packages, but haven't had the time to list them online. The Ragim Intermediate packages are a big hit and are available in 2 versions. The complete deluxe version is available for just under $300 and our best seller. Soon to be listed on the website. Later this year we will introduce an even cheaper but still high quality recurve package similar to the Ragim range.


>>> Goldtip arrow and shafts coming in 2012

Been a while since we introduced new arrow companies to our range. That will change this year with starting to import Goldtip products for bows and crossbows. Great shafts and a huge following in the States. Will have to see how we will go here, but I am sure that they will sell well.


>>> Ragim Archery in Store NOW!!!
Ragim Archery is our new add on to our traditional bow line. Currently in stock
is the Wildcat, which is a intermediate, beginners bow. Perfect for clubs,
camps or to start your career in the world of archery. The Impala is the other
model that we currently offer. It is a take down bow that is available from
35#-60# in 5# increments. Absolutely affordable and all Ragim bows come with a
3 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Ragim bows are quality bows made in Italy .

>>> New 2011 Fred Bear Range
Bear keeps getting better and better! Last year they released the Assault and
the Attack that rocked the industry and this year they top their range up with
more models! The new flagship is called the Carnage. 345fps and roller cable guard,
next to all the other features, make this bow a looker and a heck of a performer.
I still can't get over the performance of the Attack. A beauty to shoot.
Another new entrant is the Mauler. Similar to the Assault, but moderatly priced,
a bow first bow buyers can afford. At last but not least the "Homewrecker" is
designed for the ladies with plenty of features that rival the others for first
place in its category. Check out the new traditional line Bear Archery has released.

>>> Announcement of the first 3-D Sanlida Open
The first sponsored 3-D crossbow tournament (ABA rules/Forest Round) has been
announced to take place on the 12th and 13th of February 2011 at the Yarra Valley
Archery Park in Launching Place Victoria. This will be a fantastic event with
major prices like top crossbow packages and cash up for grabs. Updates on the
tournament and details will be available and updated shortly and should be
visible on our front shop page. Registration is a must, so don't wait and sign up!

>>> Victorian State 3D Titles

Hosted by West Gippsland Field Archers
Pryor Rd. Drouin

29 & 30 August

8:00 am Registration 8:30 am Muster
9:00 Bow check 8:45 Shoot 3A &
9:30 Muster 1A rounds
10:00 Shoot 3A Presentations

1A round

Registration: $35 adults, $20 Pensioners, Juniors & Cubs, $70 Families
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 24 August. A late registration fee of $10 will apply
Registrations to include ABA number, division and grade.
ABA membership cards must be shown on registering

Pre-registrations to: Kaye Barr, Branch G Score Recorder
Email: Kaye Barr,
Tel. 03 5192 4595

Saturday night meal - 2 courses - $12;
please book when registering Camping available

>>> New Products for 2009
Diamond by Bowtech has released it's new top range bow the "Iceman" which is our
favourite this year as well. Has the looks of the Bowtechs but in single cam. Great bow.

Stryker has released a modified Desert Stryker that comes with a new name "Stryke Force".
New looks and new camo options and higher speeds than the previous model make this
a monster fast crossbow. Also new is the pistol foregrip that makes it a evil looking hunting machine.

New on board in our product line are: Gateway Feathers, Apex Gear, Peep Eliminator,
Poe Lang Archery Products and Weaver Optics.

Proudly announcing that Optolyth Optiks which are made in Germany, manufacturer
of high end hunting-, birding- and professional optics are now available through
OzHuntingandBows. Many orders have already been made for their spotting scopes,
ViaNova and Royal range. A slight waiting period may apply as some of the top
optic models are built to order. Thumbs up on their products.

>>> Opening Day
OzHuntingandBows opened its doors to the public at the new adress in Oakleigh
on the 20th of December. The opening day was a great success with over 200
visitors coming through the shop that day.

>>> November 2008 Opening of Shop approaches
After a long search for the best shop around we are in the final negotiations.
We won't be in the country side of Victoria now. You will probably find us near
Chadstone Shopping Centre. More details later.

>>> November 2008 Cartel Archery Products
We are proud to announce that Cartel has decided to take us onboard to
distribute their products here in Australia.

>>> November 2008 Internature Traditional Bows
OzHuntingandBows is proud to announce to be a new Distributor for Internature
Traditional archery products. Internature is a great bow manufacturing company
located in Kimpo City/Korea.

>>> October 2008 Diamond Compound Bows
We expect the new 2009 Diamond line in stock by end of November. The new ICEMAN
is my favourite this year and a must for the single cam fanatic. Come and see us shortly.

>>> October 2008 New Fred Bear and Trophy Ridge Line expected
We expect to have the 2009 Fred Bear and Trophy Ridge line in stock between end
of November to beginning of December. The Fred Bear line has changed drastically
in the Youth bow section. New are the Truth2 Light and Truth2 Young Gun. Both bows
are also available as a complete RTS package. Trophy Ridge has supprised us totally
with their 2009 line. No more Matrix, Flatliner, EZ Universal etc. All have been
replaced by new models. Check out their products now by visiting their website
or wait until we have them in stock!

>>> Moultrie Gamecameras Discontinued

Unfortunately the highly demanded and asked for cameras have been discontinoued.
OzHuntingandBows is already negotiating with another manufacturer that offers
Infrared Motion Detecting Game Cameras with 6MP and 7MP capabilities. All cameras
of the new Manufacturer are in camouflage and have a built in picture viewer.

>>> Wildview and Stealthcam Cameras arrived!

Finaly in stock are some of the game-cameras of Wildview and Stealthcam.
Still to arrive are the Prowlers 5mp, I540IR and 430IR cameras. Many orders
have already been placed for the top of the range Infrared Cameras of both
manufacturers and we can't wait to have them here and post the first game pics
of the top cameras here on our website.

>>> Hoyts 2009 new mid-priced bows available @ OzHuntingandBows
After several enqueries for the new Powerhawk and Superhawk bows of Hoyt,
which are already available in the States, we decided to order some in and
sold out within 2 weeks of having them in stock. They are mid-priced bows
with the quality you would expect from one of the leading manufacturers in the
industry. Fully adjustable and delivering speeds of above 300fps.

>>> Samick Recurves and Longbows better than ever!

After the first delivery of Samick Bows last March we experienced a demand not
expected. But after inspecting their range, we decided that these bows are top
notch and for a price the other manufacturers can't compete. Samick also offers
to our customers a 1 Year Limited Warranty. What else could you expect?
Samick builds up their range year after year and you can even shop for their
competition range beginning of 2009 with us.

>>> Finaly they arrived!
The new range of Carbon Express Aramids have arrived and we must say,
they are tops! Kevlar is the secret to these indestructable arrows. They are
on the pricey end of the hunting arrows, but are worth every penny.

>>> ETA on Trophy Ridge Arrows
After placing an order for the new Trophy Ridge arrows in November last year
(2007), they will finaly arrive in our store early February. Can't wait to have
a go with the "Crush". They promised it to be an excellent shaft!

>>> OzHuntingandBows opens it's official shop in January 2009

Our current room is just getting to small for the products we are getting in,
because of the demand for them. So finaly we found a nice person who let's us
his showroom in January 2009 to extend our business. We will keep you up to
date with the progress on that.

If anyone is looking for a new hunting knife or skinner and doesn't want to
exeed the budget, stay tuned for our new USA based Hunting Knifes of "Condor".
Check out their website for more info. The Knifes will retail at a bargain price
of $60-$120, ranging from skinners, multi-knifes, bowie knifes to hunter knifes.

>>> Finaly they arrive January 2008
The new 2008 Carbon Express range has arrived with some nice new goodies.
The "Aramid" is the newest Hunting Shaft/Arrow which is Kevlar coated for
ultra strength. Some shafts are yet still to arrive, but they are due any day now.


Limbsavers new Dead Zone is taking off this year. Limbsaver cannot produce
enough bows to satisfy the demand for this awesome machine. Last month the
28"/70lbs bows were made and sold at the same time, this month the 29"/70 bows
are on the list and almost gone as well. If someone wants one, order one now,
because it will take a while until they arrive.

>>> Trophy Ridge 2008 NEWS
Trophy Ridge is going for the big one this year! After becoming part of
Escalade Sports, it will fuse with Carolina Archery Products and the world
famous Whisker Biscuit and Foxfire Sights are now part of Trophy Ridge.
But the big news is, that Trophy Ridge is releasing a new breed of carbon
arrows to the archery world.

  * THE "CRUSH" is going to crush 'em all, with a straightness of .0008", other models are
  * THE "BLAST" with a straightness of .002"
  * THE "HAILFIRE" with a straightness of .004"
  * THE "WRATH" with a straightness of .006"

All popular draw lengths and draw weights are covered. If you need more info
stay tuned or visit their website
It's gonna be exiting!